Smoke Signals [DAY 6]

The sun rises with only one smoke signal in the sky.
Degens was the only tribe in favor of the lynch.
The lynch has been cancelled.

The Rejects:
Vote on which tribe to kill.

Day 6 will last 48 hours, starting now.

@Vanilla_Town lynch rejects

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@Vanilla_Town lynch degens

@degens post your night chat, we need to see the vote patterns

I am no longer participating. Please discobot my choices

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I might even say the n word if this game makes it to day 30

i will only vote for rejects

this is your fault for being a coward

Make them post their night chat I want to see who's voting

Bro its gunna be all of then this is tribalism

This game is america vs russia. Your team thinks its the correct one

jdance stop being a little baby. If it's our tribe it's insom if it's yours it's thegreatwingdingi and you would never vote him with how deep down your throat he is

@Vanilla_Town lynch degens

I tried to vote him last night but jcrispy decided to troll

ability to care to waning

I think they are both mafia. Everyone remaining besides me is probably mafia

our tribe chat is me and kkat agreeing after n1 and insom coming in hella late