So a guy walks into a bakery

And asks the man to give him 299 loaves of bread, the man says "Would it be OK if i gave you 300?"

And the guy answers; " Who the fuck is going to eat that much bread?"

See this little bit here is a good story about pointless rhetoric and how suddenly being occupied about things that don't matter for the main issue at hand can be used by men to thwart an argument.

Pointless rhetoric is a sharp weapon to control the masses. When you sense it, run away, run the fuck away my dudes.

Space and time don't really work that way.
When you're thinking of infinite, you're imagining it in a very culturally human, math oriented way. You're imagining that three feet is further away than one foot, and that 1 person or better, one room, is less than two rooms.

But in base reality, time doesn't exist. That's what it means to have infinite time.
Space doesn't really exist either, but we are experiencing both time and space in our own current incarnations.
The way to imagine how it works is actually to think of a television set, and programming. In one square box there is access to a bajillion different stories, episodes, information, pictures,, but it's all condensed into one screen.
Also, all of those things are able to be pulled up and observed, fast forwarded, back tracked, re-watched, re-listened too, etc, at any point.

No space, no time.
That's what the universe is really like. But just like how you watch a movie from front to end, and allow one "space" and linear "time" for a little while for the sake of plot, you will also wake up from this life in the same way that you "come to" at the end of a very engaging movie.

Actually it's a lesson about bread.

Bread and attention to detail.

If you're going to run a bakery you better be clear on what the customer wants and not fudge the numbers like that.

Your bakery won't last very long if you are lazy & unprincipled (like arretom above).

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