So a quick comment on the current zeitgeist of the site

Yes I understand that Nmagane has a history of intentionally fucking with and trolling people both in the past and somewhat in the present, yes I agree that you shouldn't listen blindly to every post you see on the site, however for some certain users this self-projected idea of "Nmagane writing hundreds of posts just to troll me" is clearly not true and just your ego making excuses for yourself.

There have been severe fuckups with the mafia subforum in the last two weeks and if you have to save face and say "I know you're trolling so I won't reply..." in a thread then whatever but at least take the action to fix what you are being accused of. Nmagane's reputation may give you an excuse to make good with your ego and cast any posts he makes as intentional to get under your skin but we were so close to reviving the fucking subforum and now the momentum has fallen significantly.

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You don't have to reply or address this in any way if the users I am speaking to read this. Just fix it so we can go back to playing mafia.

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I understand that you've been obsessed ever since I proved your hypocrisy like five threads ago but stalking me through the site looks worse on yourself, especially when you were begging Epok to stop replying to me.

Why… Won’t… You… Die




It's true that no matter how big of a front some people put up, they actually will still avoid responsibility at all costs. @SOPHIE would rather his site stay inactive.
He will never truly be a man.

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@SOPHIE just needs to admit it wasn't the time to try fucking with the setup when we needed immediate action for the next game.


We still have more people interested in Mafia than ever.


I wonder what he spent his week on, considering he didn't have the time to send out 12 copypasted PM's

(I am dead and cannot respond)


Don't care. I don't blame him, mafia has been dead until now, people will get better at hosting.

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