So hum

This forum software is trash, Reddit is trash, where can I go?

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Another forum using the same software, I see now ((whats going on)).

No hope. Let dota die or be here and attempt to save it via blog type chat wheels.

this forum software is fine you mongoloid

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There are no good message boards anymore

Is somethingawful still around

shut hte fuck up


For a man of your complexion I would recommend:

this forum software has grown on me


roragok made a wrapper app if you dont like browsing the site on andyroid

Something about setup seems to generate huge post counts relatively quickly

Threads don't really seem to have.much structure and are very conversational/stream of consciousness style

Is DOTA a COPE or a REWARD?Discussion (self.DotA2)

submitted 15 hours ago by blusero

I have been isolated from the world for 4 years, ended up in places like incel forums and stuff alike. Strange thoughts were part of my mindset at that moment. I decided to talk to someone and my classical guitar teacher really supported me and motivated to seek professional help.

Since last January, Ive been on medication. Now I feel much better, got out of the incel forums, kept working out at the gym and practicing studying music, which Ive done this whole 4 years and helped but didn't solve the problem. Also Im currently trying to take a break from weed and alcohol. As well as going out and trying to socialize. Im also dating a girl who is a musician so I hang out with her regularly to play music.

As for now, Im trying to play DOTA a minimum, only at nights after classes. I used to be a toxic player, and insult and tried to release my anger on everyone. I want to start playing DOTA and get to a higher level. Something I can channel my free time instead of drugz. Any ideas?

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be thankful we even have this

I miss dota.