So pizzagate gets validated as empirical evidence

And youtube still brands it as a conspiracy Theory.

The Great Awakening is real.

Shut up retard

Sorry if you already elaborated in another thread, but what is the Numeta take on the coronavirus?


It's a virus, but not as deadly as people think.

It literally only kills old people, as if it were programmed to do that. (kill off the elderly in China because of the 1 child rule)

Since each set of parents only have one kid to take care of both of them, the child cannot both work and function in the china communist society while taking care of their parents, thus they kill off all the older generations with a virus leaving the sheep left.

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Literally fuck you retard

This guy wasn't old, and besides maybe being a bit overweight was otherwise in good health, so what happened? Was there a bug in the program code?

It's obviously fake bro. Doesn't fit the narrative

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it's killed kids and is killing kids dummy

With pre-ailments. Or no immune system.

It also does kill fat people.

Taste_my_rot - You can't say "He was a little bit overweight( as his quad chin is exposed) and then say he was healthy.

He doesn't have a quad, he had the beginnings of a double at best. In any case research show extra layers of submental fat deposits are highly correlated with enhanced immunity and double blind placebo controlled studies showed persons that are a little soggy around the throat section were able to survive up to 75% longer with HIV/AIDS insults and even without the aid of normal treatment protocols. In addition fat necked subjects have been shown in comprehensive meta analyses to get sick from seasonal flu halfe as often and for half as long as turkey necked individuals. This has been shown in vitro as well as in vivo and is backed up by similar mouse models.

Scientists are baffled as to why but hypothesize that the greater concentration of leukocytes (and associated elevated interleukin/cytokine levels i.e. IL-12, IL-7, interferon gamma etc.) in fat cells essentially creates something akin to a giant lymph node full of macrophages around the airway which is the primary route of infection for novel coronaviruses.

It is believed here in this pouch of subcutaneous adipose tissue encircling the airway is where viruses & bacteria are safely captured and destroyed before they can reach the lungs and then additional organ systems.

You can think of it like a complex network of intelligent ghost busters traps filtering the air you breathe of pathogens except it's made out of rendered bacon fat:

I forgot to mention this is why in the late middle ages / renaissance often times men with plump necks were conscripted to become sailors/marines because they didn't require being equiped with leathernecks due to their naturally protective layers of fatty tissue and this freed up funds to be spent on bigger cannons. They were also invaluable as poison tasters in Royal courts due to their innate immunity.


Numeta is big dumb? Damn I didn’t know that's all real.

DEmocrats are all pedophile satanists.

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These hollywood mofos been molesting kids, and everything orlando brown says is 100% true. He might be crazy, and def insane, but hes not a liar.