So we need to talk about the admin

I was browsing the site earlier. Just welcoming nyte back to the site after her long hiatus. I log back on the site and i had been playpenned??

Is anyone here able to verify that it was indeed the admin ■■■ banning me for a made up reason after going full bear on insom and admitting to trying to shut down the site?? @big_ass

If this is the case we need to seriously talk about taking his admin status away. Hes having another yearly episode. Every time he does this we lose people


Whats your herblore level

kinda sad, herblore is the real skill to flex...

i dont know what herblore does

potions maybe? who knows

Useless skill, ignore him

Look at his 99 agility. Are you still afking willows for WC

I suppose im just failing to understand how thats any of your business

You should stop because Wintertodt will get you 99 anyway

I dont know who winter todd is but i wont be visiting him anytime soon

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Nyte reacted to this post


i chortled. it's a good post.