So why is Signalss now censored?

My game setup is now censored. You know, ■■■■■■■? I have nothing to do with your spat with Nmagane, I know you hit a brickwall talking to him but how dare you shift your pettiness and pent-up anger toward him at me.

I censored it temporarily to stop people arguing about it nonstop in the setup threads which was making the forum a lot more toxic and preventing any new game from starting

Ultimately people need to know when to stop. Express criticism and then move on

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This concept is core to the survival of the mafia community over the last 10 years. After the game we all rag on each other and then we let it go. Water under the bridge. Understand it is just a game and when all's said and done we are all on the same team - the team of people playing Mafia together. We don't want to hold grudges and we don't want to argue to the point that people are genuinely hurt/upset. You and nmagane both specifically need to work on this - I have seen you both struggling with the concept recently.