Socks as self-pleasure devices

Does anyone have experience doing this?

I personally have not ever gotten into the habit of it, but I wonder what is the appeal? Do you use clean socks, or dirty socks for the process efficiency in being able to immediately discard them into the wash bin?

Potential pros:
-Feels better than using hands(?)
-Easy to clean up because of the container-like structure

Potential cons:
-If using clean socks, goes through sock supply faster, increases wear on socks.
-If using dirty socks, maybe you could transfer a foot smell to your crotch? Or if you have some kinda fungal infection spread from your feet to your nuts?

Nice thread. I never really got it, figured it was more just a disposal method. Fairly nasty one at that too.

Maybe it works for people who wear really soft, silky socks. But at that point you're not only having sex with a man (yourself), but one who wears silky socks at that. NAGL (not a great look) if I'm being honest here (IIBHH).

The concern over fungus also seems like a major one. The foot, for most guys, is not typically a focus of any cleanliness routine. Do you guys wash your feet in the shower? For me it varies but usually everything below the crotch falls in the "water will get it" category.

Any sort of hygiene issue with the penis (fungal or otherwise) can be real unpleasant from my experience. That's a delicate ecosystem there. If you're going to be jacking off into a sock it's better for those to be dedicated jacking-off socks that never even touched your feet. Which - once again - is just weird.

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Your thoughts on the thread topic?

For the record I do wash my feet. When I had an issue with foot fungus it was a multiple times a day thing. I know what the early signs of foot hygiene issues look like. It's just that right now I'm very busy

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i mean dont you have to set the sock aside afterwards anyway to avoid a tragic misstep later. you could get a better setup/finish with that same effort. unless the sock is truly a game changer

maybe it's a circumcised thing

Yes agreed. Circumcised people have weird dicks

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I am circumcised so I don't know where this shade is coming from.

Dedicated masturbation sock does seem like a good approach. I'll vouch for that.

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Where’s that old ass 4chan thread about the dude who came in a sock for years and posted pictures of it

Actually it was Reddit like 10 years ago (I think older even)

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It's 2023 guys. Get some tengas.

How about a girlfriend instead