Solar storm general

We need to get one last mafia game in

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The Hindustan Times? What?

I will be in-flight at that time

Oo looking forward to this lets see what happens

hindustan is farsi for land of the hind

typically associated with northern india around the indus river and punjab, usually distinct from the rest of the indian subcontinent

"However, this naming did not meet the approval of Indian leaders due to the implied meaning of 'Hindustan' as the land of Hindus. They insisted that the new Dominion of India should be called 'India', not 'Hindustan'. Probably for the same reason, the name 'Hindustan' did not receive official sanction of the Constituent Assembly of India, whereas 'Bharat' was adopted as an official name. It was recognised however that 'Hindustan' would continue to be used unofficially."