Some of you guys are alright...

Don't go to the mafia subforum tomorrow.

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hahaha is that BP revolver real?
Unloaded? why wouldnt u load it for maximum hardcore flexing


are jones and kaptenrobert the same person ..


no, kaptenrobert is far more attractive.

Really enjoy the angle to get the wings coming out of your head. 9/10


i linked him the photo on teamspeak and he thought it was so funny he had to let everyone else in on it

thats a pic of kaptainrobert tho right

this isa goy club thread get out you stupid fuck named ishmael or something

that was actually quite close to my name im impressed with your memory. i will however comply and move my activity to another thread

@nyte please

? You are very different

but why is it insulting?
to who is it insulting?

Obviously i am being dramatic
Because I care very much for Jones

so you were just trying to insult me

who's hotter jones or robert