someone go get #plasma on here

and anyone care to guess how his team’s games went tonight



Ez 2-0 for #glazed

He inspects cranes in toronto. I seriously hope his employer insures his mistakes

My man #plasma guzzles down bottles of vodka in between sign flipping sessions and ends the day by getting picked up by your chick just in time to pipe her down before his team’s Dota game

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When are you ditching those fuccbois fear and swindlemelonzz to join #plasma @timado?

U rldy kno i already did

plasma’s team spams those annoying makaat latng voice chat things while they’re losing rax 15 minutes in what the fuck even is dota anymore

also hi timado, let me know when you’re ready for our dream team to be created so we can win TI9

Why did you intentionally misspell what the voice line says?

i dont know how to properly spell it so i jus did somethign ismilar and called it a day

Well you’ve heard it and read it hundreds of times already - you obviously know how.
Just another case of nadota fake misspelling.

You can’t prove that.


Respect our culture

“He got me,” Timado said of Glazed Gaming’s win over his team. “That f***ing Plasma boomed me.”

Timado added, “They’re so good,” repeating it four times.

Timado then said he wanted to add Glazed to the list of teams he trys out for this summer.

What about our 1v1 ban insom???