someone save my computer please.

upgraded parts in pc and my harddrive(ive tried like 3 diff ones with fresh reinstalls) and all of them eventually went haywire and started using 100% harddisk even while idle.

last night i had a suspicious gut feeling it was maybe GeForce Experience doing it and after waiting 10minutes for my 100% harddisk used computer to load up the uninstaller it instantly went back to normal.

occasionally my pc will still jump up to 100% if i like open chrome(usually only for a second or two)


  1. i think that gefroce experience program caused it
  2. if u can think of anything else(just incase that wasnt the issue and it comes back) pls tell me
  3. im assuming its normal for the hard disk to use a lot of resources when opening a program but idk if jumping that high is normal


also im pretty sure i dont even need geforce experience but am i wrong?

You already fixed the problem Kyle

how can i be sure? i need an expert.

If it happens again you didn't fix it

i need an expert ian. i am sure that one exists here.

I am an expert

that cod warzone game is really awfully optimized. every game plays at ultra with like 200 fps but warzone is like 200 fps all the time then suddenly 1 fps. all low settings too