Son Goku

hi, I’m son goku, and I need to clear up something: We, as in “japanese people” hate african-americans and mexicans.
It’s really sad to see ■■■■■■■ & spics buying our merchandise, playing our videogames, watching our shows and thinking they can “relate” to us.
What’s more embarrising is watching youtube videos of ■■■■■■/spic manchildren & their reactions and listening to “yoooooo! let’s gooooooo” and “my boy goku is in!” ect.
In a nutshell: We hate your kind! Please don’t have this delusion that you are badass for watching childrens japanese cartoons, because you’re not.
Your kind are spoilt rotten to the core.


i fucking hate ■■■■■■■ and spics

if ■■■■■■■ is going to be outlawed, spics, chinks, gooks, crackers, sandniggers and whitey should be too

muppetfucker is my favorite slur dont ban that one