remembrance thread


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this is sad



i never really listened to sophie at all after the hey qt product stuff cuz i didn't like it, but i always loved her first release and this makes me wonder why this happens to certain people

like john balance losing his balance or gaudí being struck by a tram..


wtf sophies discord is poppin off

this was actually the reason why i joined ty

saw that post on /r/pcmusic with the comp but i lost it and i wasnt gonna go through that theres just way too many spam RIP posts

next music pirate i gotta do is getting that new hikaru utada track because why is it blocked in my country on YT??

i guse this works but i can tell its lq One Last Kiss - Hikaru Utada (Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0) by ァヴィ | Free Listening on SoundCloud

good production