Southern bitch

I want me a southern bitch, city yokles are fucken ■■■■■■■■■

I am weak to a southern accent too

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just import one with the revenue from your mining operation

Yeah she broke the law she has the right to kill people

Crazy bitch

she's lying or disabled. no one talks this calmly about possibly smoking someone earlier that day unless they never had the safety off

I feel safe around you :two_hearts::heart_eyes:

i mean it's plasma he's probably never heard a gunshot that had malicious intent

You smell nice today Osiris :wink:

harassing people sure is fun until people way harder than you show and don't play that soff ball

it's ok tho plasma lives in canada probably quebec so he's mostly sheltered from that and free to fantasize

no you

Lichlings has mostly trained out her West Virginia accent, but when she talks with her mother or WV friends, it comes back out hard.

So I've started using it on the regular to her, and it causes her to slip back into Southern drawl mode without even realising. Lmao.


Thing is. There are country boys in Ontario. There are places with anglo white boys that are country an cool. Just not a lot of them near fagronto

Quebec is a basket case. I love them kind of like I loved eu prior 2015 to all the mass importation of new citizens if you will.

report back to me in a month when your ethnoculture fetish fixates on something else

How Japan and Poland doing? Any blm riots ooooo shize

I'll take BLM and Antifa over Happy Science and Nippon Kaigi any day of the week.