Spooky Mafia Day 1


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I rolled buster... of ghostbusters

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@mafiabot vote @bazingaboy

obvious scum. youre welcome lads.

bustin makes me feel good

are we self aware ghosts or are we ghosts in denial that think we're still alive

Can't be self-aware, we don't even know if we've been ignited or not

@ian why aren't you voting for bazinga? he is clearly scum and your reluctance to vote for him worries me greatly.

are you town ian?

you claimed a role that only the mafia have so youre mafia

i claimed vigilante

@mafiabot lynch @Matticus

Lot of ghostural appropriation going on - I will not tolerate it because my great grandfather instilled upon me a good set of morals

Ghost face gets a lynch vote from me placed on you


@mafiabot lynch @ian

yo whats up I got some hella rotten food if you guys wanna glide through it

ian entered the thread and ignored my post about him.

incredibly sus.

@mafiabot vote @ian

kyle plays like this every game right?

before I post any town/scum reads im gonna post all my meta reads and people can tell me whats right and wrong

i think he's actually mafia right now my vote is no joe

ghosts are ghosts man no need to sow division amongst us

lbj doesnt talk like a ghost

i've never played with kyle but iirc peeps say he spurges on the reg