Spooky Mafia Day 1

Welcome to Spooky Mafia




The year is 2100. NAMafiA is still going thanks to Roragok funding hosting for the rest of time. There's only one problem -- the site has become a (now literal) ghost town. Everyone's physically come and gone, but even in the afterlife they still keep coming back -- to be angry at eachother, play some mafia, you know. Actually, who knows why they come back.

Regardless, Some descendants of members have been instructed to or chosen to masquerade as their forefathers, aiming to bring an end to the vicious cycle of hate posting and release the poor souls still frequenting this now-undead forum. Will they be successful? We'll just have to find out.

Role PMs

Ghost PM

Your life is simple -- you open this website and post inane or hateful thoughts even though it's barely moving. And quite frankly, that's exactly how you like it. Kind of makes you wonder though...how long will things stay that way?

You are a Ghost, and aligned with the rest of your Ghost Town. You may post in the thread and vote as you see fit. Your additional abilities are listed below.


(Passive) Ghostly Premonition: Upon being eliminated via the Day vote you become Half-Dead. This means you will still be allowed to post in the thread, but you will not have a vote. Being killed in any other way overrides this ability, and will cause you to be removed from the game.

Win Condition

You win when only Ghost Town aligned players are left alive.
Soul Saver PM

You're one of the few good natured posters left, happy to see your friends are still with you. If the whole forum went up in smoke and flames you might just consider suicide. Dang, you better keep your eyes open...never know what might happen...

You are a Soul Saver, and aligned with the Ghosts. You may post in the thread and vote as you see fit. When you die, you will become dead instead of half-dead, so be careful. Your additional abilities are listed below.


Bust Brevention: Each night phase you may choose one other player to bless so that they may not be caught later. Your target will be immune to being primed for ghost hunting during that night phase.

Win Condition

You win when only members of the Ghost Town are left alive.

Ghostbuster PM
  • You are a Ghostbuster.

You hate haters, the paranormal, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. The sight of the forum fills you with disgust. In fact, if all of the ghoulish posters disappeared, you'd feel a lot better about yourself and the fact that your relative once posted. And so, you're here.

You are a Ghostbuster, along with your partner [Player Name]. You may post in the thread and vote as you see fit. Your additional abilities are listed below.


Factional Communication: During the night phase you may talk with your partner [Private Topic Link]here[/Private Topic Link].
Factional Ghostbust-technics: Each night phase either you or your partner may take one and only one of the the following actions:
- Prime a target to bust by sticking them with some ghost-busting technology.
- Bust all previously primed targets by activating the ghost-busting tech, ending their haunt.

Win Condition

You win when only Ghostbusters are left alive, or nothing can prevent this from occurring.


  • Ghostbusters have a single factional night action. They may choose to prime a single target, or to ignite all previously primed targets.
  • Soul Saver blocks the priming of a target ONLY on the night in which they are being primed.
  • Ghosts become Half-Dead upon being eliminated via the Day vote, allowing them to continue posting in the thread due to the power of their hatred.
  • ALL game members are all vulnerable to being primed and ignited.
  • Players are not told when they are primed to be caught, Ghostbusters are not told if the priming was successful.
  • Half-Dead ghosts cannot vote, and do not count as a vote for endgame purposes.

Alive Players


Good luck!


Roles are being sent out with the posting of this thread. Thread will open once everyone's confirmed.

Day 1 ends when a majority of 5 is reached or Wednesday at 10PM is reached*

*(EOD times are not final and subject to postponement or even preponement.)

@mafiabot startday 7062

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

osiris, insom, Roragok, bazingaboy, Matticus, KrazyKat, ian, LuckyArtist, kyle,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


Okay everything's good to go. As the above post states, day will last 36ish hours and end at 10PM CST, but may be moved back if people forgot the game was habbening.

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i am vigilante. i will shoot ian

@SOPHIE is there a link to this setup? like how many ghostbusters and soulsavers are there

reading setups is lame


Forest Fire - MafiaWiki I put it in the op now

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ghost for hello and kyle is acting a fool

I am indeed team ghost.

I find it useful to know how many scum there are.

My great grandfather was the best poster this site ever had and I will NOT tolerate any slander or animosity towards his kind (ghosts not black people)



@mafiabot vote kyle

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