Start making $ from music again?

E-Sports working now.

Invested in crypto mining. Thats working now.

All the skills I have accrued from E-Sports i can transfer to music. Wonder if I should pick that up and start making $ from it again.....

There's no money to be made from music idiota

Yeah there is. You panhandle your music.

hot stock TIP!

Buy this:

This is me aka the smart money paying 30 something euro for black plastic disks that are destined to wind up in a landfill and leach chemicals into our water table:

this is you aka dum dum wishing you had got in on the action sooner:

i invested in crypto mining instead

I missed church today because I was talking to nmagane on the phone while driving

This is how you know when to get out of a market segment and do something else:

When people like you enter the spAce.

It's like those stories you hear about the dot com bubble where people knew the whole thing was about to collapse when their dentist started asking what stocks to buy on the NASDAQ.