Started From the PotM vs Glazed Gaming - 8/1/18

Wednesday 9pm EST

Khaliwear aka PlasmaNation aka Glazed Gaming is going to take yet another embarrassing beatdown

Come watch the Joindota stream to witness the ruination of the former wannabe architect turned streetsign panhandler

and thanks again Robbiechan for making us our sick logos many moons ago

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Not a fan of you posting at all


Don’t spam in threads that are obviously topic-focused like this one just because you’re beefing with somebody.


Please do not shame Nmagane with your ableist pleas.

if you see egyptians or other subhumans spamming in threads like these feel free to flag the posts.


Plasmanation got this


it’s not called the JDL it’s called the ADL. Jesus fucking christ

Can I watch this somewhere other than Joindota?

idk lol theres just jdl casters

u could watch in game too i think

looking forward to this

Good Luck to everyone playing. #plasma


Plasma is a forced le epic meme and not funny, sorry but I have no interest in watching this - it would be no different than watching an all pick ranked game.

im watching bc of the other team which has my good friends forrest on it

Well it’s just another dota game from what I can see - if my friend was playing it wouldn’t make much of a difference. It’s nothing new, not worth the time watching - let alone playing.
No offense.

80 minute game? that was painful to watch.


Game one goes to Glazed. Well fought by SFtPotM, good luck in games 2 and 3!

which one is forrest?