This game is lit and i have no idea what im doing.

any of yall play it / can give me some pointers. Im finally at the point where im fine interacting with other civs and have beaten the midgame crisis but the one time i made it to the final crisis i just got straight savaged.

also SUPER down to play online looks lit/better than civ online (wasnt one nadota person really into civ) cuz you dont have to directly compete against each other which means its less likely someone just bum rushes u and ruins ur game.

boring ass game unless they fixed the combat imbalances
having exclusively small ships being the best was kind of retarded

oh i literally dgaf about combat in this game i just like building up my civ

but i agree the combat isn’t that good.

i also have no idea how to use the ship builder i auto config everything

have you tried master of orion thats a good 4x


im not even really sure exactly what 4x means but i really like crusader kings, stellaris and civ and i think all of those except maybe civ? are 4x games

ive also heard this kinda game referred to as grand strategy

4x is shorthand for explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate, stellaris is an unconventional 4x more akin to GSG(grand strategy games) that paradox makes, ck2 is more GSG than 4x, civ is the entry level 4x which doesnt make it bad though many 4x fags hate it
if you like ck2 continue with stellaris

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okay i like ck2 so i will keep playing stellaris at least till i have a better grasp of it and hten ill probs check out the game you mentioned.

civ is good, i can see how elitists would hate it but i think hating entry level stuff is usually silly.

haven’t been able to get into civ 6 tho. civ games never feel done until therea re like 3 expansions maybe ill be good with the new xpac.

That was the patch that dropped like November 2017. Apparently a big new patch just dropped. Haven’t played, but I’d assume the ship meta is different. Before the small ships patch, it was all about battleships