stop putting the "Known goy associate" on nyte

and other enemies of the goy club

wat is goy

@Nmagane, care to comment?

Jew is your friends

enemies list por favor

Stop Making Nyte MAD!

Nyte is mad at me.

I thought nyte was a friend of the goy club?


@Nyte, can you clarify your…relations…with the goy club?

dont trolled nyte your make her shes mad at me .

@Nyte, are these accusations true?

I didn’t mean for this to be some sort of witch hunt. The subject of these accusations are you people. You people are in the wrong, not nyte.


Who’s Nyte

it’s etyn backwards, which happens to be the proto-sinaitic root word for… hey!

Is for horses and cows like you!

…I chewed some cud today