Suggestion: add greyboxing

you should add greyboxing


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Someone out there is already working on an ignore solution so I’m just waiting for that to roll around



Sam Atwood being the stand up guy he is locked the thread for it after a mod locked every other thread linking this specific thread, so there are zero unlocked threads pertaining to this matter on the official discourse forum. Anyways I think me and a2pas are going to look into it, but unfortunately it’s really hard to give an estimate since we’re both busy atm and he’s working on the twitch sidebar plugin.

jeff atwood*

a2pas is actually building things?

i’ll let you know when i have a definite answer to that lol

this is the feature i most sorely want here tbh

Suggestion: add gayboxing

When you identify a member as gay you put them all in the same box so they can only interract with each other

I need to never see a jdance post again in my life asap

You won’t after we put you in the gaybox.

im putting him in the gaybox alongside you though

youre a great fit for the gaybox! why else would you push for so many gay safe spaces while demanding more feature-tooling for the LGBBW community, i think its really great that youre taking the initiative. go you :)

I should not be in the gaybox because that would be appropriation and I’m woke as fuck

Bad opinion

Put me in coach

? I don’t want non blacks in the black box they’ll just take our ideas and serve it to the whites

I’ll be honest I have no idea what you’re talking about and no idea what I replied to

Carry on friend

Good idea.