Suggestion : Make most liked posts stick to the top of the thread

Also permanently grey out any post that electrowizard reacts with the “Us virgin island” emoji

This would eliminate almost all jdance posting - quite an astute idea

" Faggot epok suck my cock " - Jdance

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Im pretty sure if you press the button under the OP that gives you a summary for a thread it’ll probably show you liked posts mixed with top replied to or something like that.

Make that the default for all users

Every time you enter a thread you have to willingly opt-in to see the posts which have not been deemed “good enough” by the discourse algorithm

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I bet if we had -frags or downvotes or whatever your posts would get hidden all the time

Well yeah since faggots dont like my posts and faggots like down-votes or whatever - Just like reddit

I down-fagged this post in my head :slightly_smiling_face:

Guess that explains why tf2s the biggest example of a nonreddit game community with -fragging…

Epok just now -> General -> Site Info

Yeah stop polluting general with site suggestions, it does me and other users absolutely no favors when I explain site shit in a General thread that newer users will never see. Atleast site infos dead and its all shit related to the forum so people who wanna know something about how the site works can look here to learn more instead of asking again.

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