Add name changes to discourse

Constant name changes any time I want it

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just pm me lol

I pmed and nothing happened

This website fuckin sucks

change my name to Wintermute if it’s not taken @epok

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This shouldn’t be allowed. Please don’t allow this

I can help wintermute rn but I think well need to wait until youre not registered in any mafia games. I can do it if the first game finishes and you unsign the signup thread and re sign as wintermute, I just feel like the bot isnt gonna handle it well

No problem

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Hahaha owned

I could unsign and resign but I don’t want to overload the bot.

My dumbass thought that first game was still going even tho I posted in the thread

Feel free to unsign and I can change it as soon as now nma


He shouldn’t be allowed to take my name - it’s unethical.

It’s not your name - Your name is Alight soul.

The way I see it theres no harm in you guys changing your names when you want, this site isnt exactly moving quickly and you guys have consistent avatars that people should know. Besides, whats stopping you from reregistering with a name you want if I say no but the name is open and its not offensive. that just seems like a roundabout way of you changing your name to what you wanted in the first place and me just being some administrative dick about it


Just sharing my thoughts and why nmagane being Wintermute sounds alright to me

He’s not Wintermute. I am Wintermute.

Wrong – youre Jinada Backstab.

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change my name to ■■■■■■