Swedish UFO-expo

I went to a UFO convention. I realize most of you will not be able to understand any text present in these pictures but I figure you might enjoy it anyway. Was a nice experience… Mostly old people participating. Unfortunately I missed the conferences but I did get a chance to talk with some of the hosts and learned a lot about UFO sightings in Sweden.

I also bought a shit ton of merch… Books, a huge stack of their old magazines, a cup, a large bumper sticker as well as some regular stickers.

Does that alien have a vagina?

Yep… I was told it was made out of styrofoam and latex.

Did you fuck it?

Pray tell me, do you think of me as some sort of beast?

Shoulda fucked

I wanna press the red button

thats a nice patch in the 7th image. id stitch that onto my punk jacket anyday