Started going to a synagogue beside me for the lols on Saturday mornings. Good times better then church

sikh temples are where its at for good free food

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Been there done that had to do community service and I ended up at one of those

I get how this is funny in the context of internet humor but in the off-chance you're serious, I don't see how trivializing a religion is funny. It's just edgy and teenage in nature.

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I'm referring to you going to the synagogue "for the lols".

It's true. They give bagels out with smoked salmon at end of sermon.

It is for the lols it's something to do Saturday morning

I don't think there's anything wrong with pn's actions

Best outsider vibes next to Black church

the one in the town i used to live pretty much fed the entire homeless population every single day

absolute legends and the nicest people you could meet

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You don't go into a religious temple if you're not part of its religion. It's pretty simple...

oh man then u dont know how sikhs feel about the whamens rights

sikhs welcome everyone to their temples, so you’re wrong

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i have to agree with the ■■■. They let errwon in. U just gotta wear the sikh gang cap when u waltz in

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No I think they're wrong.

They're write.