Taking all account donations

If you've found yourself visiting the forum less and less often every week, and thinking of never coming back, goyclub is offering to take your account information.

Just pst me on here or contact me @


The goy club are annoying assholes and ruined this site. Per a recent forum poll, the majority of users cited goy members as the two top reasons they stopped using the website and the principal catalysts of its tragic downfall.

Don't give your accounts to goy club. The funniest jokes they could come up with in the past 6 months were running nyte off the site and responding to random things with " ■■■■■■."

Instead, give your account to me. I will cultivate it as one of my own and grow it into a respectable member of this community.




Don't subject yourself to disgrace and debasement like poor arretom above. He was a good lad - sad to see him reduced to this.

■■■■■■ is the joke of the 2010s


there's just no reason to divulge research weapons like the above; 2019 was extremely fruitful.

Mods lock down this thread, there's banditry afoot


Is anyone interested in this account? or the Theodore account? serious inquiries only.

i am

is this serious?


happy birthday!

Thank you.

i want to reiterate:

the current teamspeak sounds are kaptenrobert speaking swedish to romanians at his nuclear brick making job. he's going to spend the entire january micspamming the sounds of his workplace for 8 hours a day through the teamspeak phone app.

all while he takes a 'no computer january'.

respond ■■■■■■ and cringe to everyone is griefing? literally giving the entire TS the nytexXxjones phone relationship experience for a fucking MONTH but it's all unintelligble and just machines beeping.

there's just a backhoe going off