Taking Basketball 1on1 challengs at the next TI.


I'll bet $1000 per match.

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I was state champion in my younger years. I would fucking shit on you with my left hand only

please happen

Street ball rules? Cuz ill literally smash your knees

Street ball rules. First ill kick your ass and ounce you cant play ill just lay up 5 shots to win

Have fun in Stockholm if travel is allowed and people aren’t still massively dying to covid by then.

I could literally beat anyone on this site one handed

That's great cause I play 1 handed all the time for practice.

And @ plasma. If you tried anything I would body you and record it for fun.

If its street ball ill smash u first then put it in the basket

No you wouldnt ur literally Numeta

@Numeta be like

I got you one handed ez :slight_smile:


You care more about how you look on camera than you care about the game

You're pathetic.

Put on your gym clothes and practice the fundamentals before you post your shit for me to see. You're an embarrassment to the sport


cmon guys numetas just having fun no need to put my boy down

i'm in full support of you numeta. i believe in you

I took on the best player in my year he went to go play college ball. Dude couldnt score on me. I can box like 3 nadota users out i bet

Basketball is all about having fun. I'm having fun :)

@anon82208883 he sucks at basketball and is completely delusional about his skill level

He films videos of himself shooting baskets by himself (and he misses a lot of them) wearing some weird letterman's jacket thing in the Florida heat that he probably picked up at a thrift store

@Numeta I want to see videos of you running the courts with black people

he's doing his best and having fun which is the most important thing.