Talking with Roragok (kyle interview #1)


I chose Roragok to be the first person I interivew because if it weren’t for him + dan there wouldn’t even be an interview.
  • Thank you Roragok to agreeing to this interview, and most importantly saving the community.
  • Additionally if anyone wants to suggest the next person for me to interview you may do so here, but please keep the main focus on discussing the interview.

Q: When eventually had the plug pulled what were your initial thoughts?
A: I was pretty upset cause I lost the only way to brag to jabanao about his bolts losing to my caps. also fuck $pitwad

Q: What made you decide to create a new website in place of nadota?
A: I offered to host thew new nadota. At first I assumed someone had a db dumb and source code, but we didn’t so dan looked into a few alternatives and chose discourse

Q: What would you say is the focus of
A: Personally its a place to hang out and shit. I enjoy our forum culture. Mafia is a 2nd. I assumed namafia was more a reference to NADS then mafia itself. However that may change. I don’t think we have really talked about it.

Q: What was lacking in the Mafia Subforum?
A: Honestly scripting and plugins for vbulletin were so ass. We had an older version and no good abilities to write anything. It would had to be a webscraper bot which is lame. Personally I would like bot that can do lynch reporting, vote counting and store the results so we can archive games. I know dan has some ideas, but right now I don’t think we should try to do to much at once and end up doing nothing at all. One small task at a time.

Q: What about the forums in general? What was lacking in terms of the overall forum itself?
A: Most people came to nadota for what is was in my opinion. It started as a place where high level dota players in the na region came to talk and shoot the shit. Now its a rather aggressive place and I can’t speak to the dota level anymore. I enjoy that its a no holds bar no ones here to welcome you with open arms.
Honestly I am just hoping to be more transparent. I want this to be a community driven site. I don’t want to be some absolute power guy just making decisions. I did this cause its fun not because I’m trying to make money or some dumb shit.

Q: in terms of posters what is your goal? Are you looking to attract new ones or are you happy with the nadota poster pool?
A: New posters are essential to maintain a community, but I don’t plan on trying to advertise I guess. Word of mouth would be my preferred way to obtain new users. I’d also rather bring back the nadota posters then anything.

Q: Are there any posters you’re hoping will come over? Any posters you wish hadn’t come over?
A: supa warlord and mordfustang so I can talk anime. No the bad posters make nadota(mafia?) enjoyable.

Q: There are quite a lot of trolls that come with the nadota poster pool, what will be the course of action for trolls who deliberately try to bring the forum down?
A: Depends on the action I would say. We can ban/playpen users. IP ban if really needed, but I don’t plan on doing anything like that unless they ddos my small box or something.

Additional questions from posters.

Q: Would you like to share any personal life goals you have?
A: Well I’ve stopped drinking as much which is good. Possibly be more familiar with dev ops procedures. I do WebDev for a living and I’d like to start getting away from that.

Q: What is your favorite Album?
A: Backstreet Millenium

Q: Favorite nadota poster of all time?
A: Vietnam Tom might be my favorite. Brood_Star had some good shit over the longest duration as well.

Q: Favorite fast food restaurant?
A: If arby’s counts then that.

Q: Is it socially acceptable for me to be overtly proud of my potato salad recipe
A: I would say not. Generally potato’s are wasted in a salad as there are much better alternatives. The exception to the rule is if it includes Old Bay.

Q: Fuck, Marry, Kill Goyclub?
A: whats a goyclub, probably kill

Q: What do you think about nadota?
A: It has been a big part of my online life the past 10 years or so. TI2-5 were some of the best years. From the shitty games of melee to the dive bar karaoke, to grant calling our friend misery when he passed out on the steps of Benaroya Hall. To walking home in the rain in ti3 only to find spit and kittens also in the rain. To the 711 trip, staying out till 5am and finding out hype had red hair. To my first nervous in house game in NADIHL to getting banned by kzz. good times.

and lastly, the most important.

Q: what that mouth do?
A: i hate everyone

Any shoutouts or callouts?
A: Anyone who hung out at a lan with me, Marqueen 114 + shoutout to the earnest book writers of TI4+5.





Excerpt from page 36 of The Book of Earnest


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