Tarantino Mafia Signup

Looking for 10 players for a very special game I'll be hosting. And yes... Faz is allowed play :shushing_face:

Currently: 1/10

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@mafiabot sign

wheres the friend

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

Welcome wastrel

@mafiabot sign

Maybe with so many people burned out on mafia right now, this might be the game that we need.
A less serious game with some interesting twists.

@anon75925521 will there be any raccoons this time?

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@mafiabot sign

You guys realize benny didnt even add the bot right

I'll sign if you rig me Bruce Willis with a samurai sword.

Or maybe Gogo.

i can play after my vaycay

@yns when we meetin up

Wya Iā€™m in west LA rn

When do you start?

Can we start a game before TI? I won't sign during TI.


@mafiabot slist


Just waiting to check the numbers then can go.