Tax Season [DAY 1]

Tax Season
No Returns

7 Town v.s. 2 Mafia


Each player starts with 2 coins.
At night, every player may steal 1 coin from another player.

Starting Day 2:
Every player must pay a 1 coin tax per day.
If a player cannot afford the tax, they are executed.


5x Taxpayer:
No special abilities.

1x Mint:
At night, chooses a player to gift a new coin.
Cannot target self.
Target is notified of this action. ["You were visited by the Mint. +1 coin."]

1x Collector:
At night, chooses a player to enforce upon an extra 1 coin tax the following day.
In addition, the collector also reads target's coin count.
Target is notified of this action. ["You were visited by the Collector. -1 coin."]

1x Evader:
Does not pay daily tax.

1x Thief:
Steals two coins instead of one.

Coin totals are not public information.
Conflicts resolved at random if target does not have enough coins.
Loser of roll receives message: ["You find nothing to steal."]
Standard day lynch.
No-Lynch disabled.
Self-voting disabled.
Mafia day chat enabled.
No mafia night kill.

@mafiabot startday 9297

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Osiris, big_ass, Nyte, insom, KrazyKat, SOPHIE, Matticus, jdance, JCrispy,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


Role PMs have been sent.
Day will last until Sunday night.

@Vanilla_Town can mint and collector steal from someone and perform their role's night action?


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collector is clearly the most important role in the game acting as a pseudo cop after corroborating night actions. the +1 coin tax is basically irrelevant or even a town downside as the stealing mechanic is inherently scum sided with one of them not even needing to pay tax.

thinking through collector and mint claiming immediately and creating a 7 man pool; mint and collector claim. mint gives collector a coin;

  • mafia steals 3 of mints coins so they die no matter what on day 2, collector is left with 4 coins after his steal and gets at least 2 days of pseudo cop checks
  • mafia steals 3 of collectors coins and can effectively kill them before day3 unless the thief is killed on day 1 or 2
  • mafia counterclaims one or two of the claims and makes a thunderdome, if we mislynch we mug the mafia cc at night and he dies to tax unless he's the evader, easy lynch the next day

there's still a lot that can go wrong with the tax and coin stealing some big brain might be able to puzzle solve that but claiming day 1 seems strong to me right now

should be obvious but day 2 onwards everyone will be posting their steal targets/results prior to the collector speaking

man if the collector only sees the amount of coins going into the night they investigate they need at least 2 nights to even have 1 decent target. this setup is hilariously scumsided

youre' mafia

oh no someone is using their brain they must be scum

yep, about the level of response i'd expect here.

solved one ahole.

you're about to get audited

please do

if this is another nyte jdance town we're done

uh huh

bro are you scum?

i'm a princess

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