Tax Season [SIGNUPS] [9/9]

Tax Season
No Returns

7 Town v.s. 2 Mafia


Each player starts with 2 coins.
At night, every player may steal 1 coin from another player.

Starting Day 2:
Every player must pay a 1 coin tax per day.
If a player cannot afford the tax, they are executed.


5x Taxpayer:
No special abilities.

1x Mint:
At night, chooses a player to gift a new coin.
Cannot target self.
Target is notified of this action. ["You were visited by the Mint. +1 coin."]

1x Collector:
At night, chooses a player to enforce upon an extra 1 coin tax the following day.
In addition, the collector also reads target's coin count.
Target is notified of this action. ["You were visited by the Collector. -1 coin."]

1x Evader:
Does not pay daily tax.

1x Thief:
Steals two coins instead of one.

Coin totals are not public information.
Conflicts resolved at random if target does not have enough coins.
Loser of roll receives message: ["You find nothing to steal."]
Standard day lynch.
No-Lynch disabled.
Self-voting disabled.
Mafia day chat enabled.
No mafia night kill.


@mafiabot host

@mafiabot sign



Nice setup

@mafiabot sign

Grow up

If the players are looking for a longer game (more than 3 days) - this setup is very modular and scalable.
We can increase starting coin amount to 3. Let me know what you think.

Keep it at 2

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@mafiabot .s

Jdance doesn't make enough to file taxes

@mafiabot sign

Only need 5 more - Let's get this game started by tomorrow morning.

@mafiabot unsign

I have now been threatened by nmagane for leaving this game

Please note, unless i resign, I will NOT be playing this game and if im listed as an active player I will be (once again) forcing the admins to ban me.

@Vanilla_Town remove me.

@SOPHIE @Osiris @big_ass

If he does not, remove me for him.

Why did you unsign?

He wants to start on the weekend. Just pretend he's still signed and he'll start playing on Friday night.

You think the game is going to start before this weekend? We still need 5 people and there are only 3 other people on the website who play mafia.