tea thread

Spill the tea Sisters

I don’t drink Tea or Coffee.

I don’t do drugs.


idk shit about tea but this stuff is fucked up good and everytime i buy it i just chain drink it until it’s gone in like 3 days.

green tea is best tea

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That ain’t Sleepytime…

Two Sleepytime tea bags in one cup of water. Let that shizz steep for a solid 15 mins then down it.
See you on the other side.

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Earl grey

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Picard style

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make it so

green tea is good

ive been drinking kirkland green tea lately. p good cheap tea

im finishing a can of mint green tea. Trying not to drink coffee

Mint green? Lmao used to drink some peppermint green tea but the taste is so ass compared to reg green tea I think. You like your brand?

I’m actually a big fan of gun powder tea. Some CS nerds I knew would always drink it. First tea I ever drank.
My father was always big in tea too. He use to buy these big bulbs, some Chinese tea, you’d put it in the water and it’d fan out to look like a flower. Stupid expensive.

that’s just called blooming tea I think. Never tried that gunpowder thing before tho

Its green tea that is pretty long leaves shriveled up. Pretty good. I think it might be some hipster shit tho…
Still good