Team Turmoil? One Of The Greatest PUBG Reports in history of mankind

Team Turmoil? One Of The Greatest PUBG Report In The History Of Mankind

Leroy Jankings of PUBG lol.

He flashes his team, then denied flashing, blamed it on the enemy.

They explicitly told him NOT TO PUSH. He pushed.

Then he says he was deafened by flash and didnt know "what direction was pushing" in his position.

His entire team loses their shit cause he is denying the blame and is acting stupid


The guys in the call are such annoying douchebags

Video games are supposed to be fun if you're crying on the microphone about your teammate running in big dick style you need a 1-2 year break to find something more meaningful to do with your life

It does make it funnier after reading the reddit thread and learning the flash that goes off at the start is his own nade that he was holding in his hand