Tee Eye Thread

Post comments about TI9 here.

Well nevermind cuz China is shit and they can't even start a single game.

CCNC actually kicked ass for once. An American team beat Liquid in the first game. :usa2:

EG out in groups

Newbee.Yawar is the last hope

MSS the American Sniper


already a fucking disaster from the start lol

EG getting their asses kicked on day one. It took them an hour and a half to get one win on alliance.

Haven't watched since TI4 who from back then is still good

Puppey (Secret) and Kuroky (Liquid) are the only players who have been in every TI including this one.
Both teams have a good chance of winning.
Other notable players are in it, but playing for shit teams.


Best clip in a long time. RTZ solo kills all 5 on Vici.

People still paid to scream like morons during teamfights in 2019

Why is Valve still paying tobiwan for this? The people in my pub games would do it for free

Yeah the Tobi and Odpixel screams gets old after a while, but that was a great play regardless.

Well it's what people like. Years of market research shows the average dota 2 spectator is most impressed by hyperventilating 100 word per second stream of consciousness in a commonwealth accent.

Focus study groups show even the most frugal dotard is most likely to plunk down their rent money on a digi-trash crystal maiden tiara under these conditions.

And that is why TI is in China this year. The rest of the world has stopped spending money on hats.
But China is still growing. Valve goes where the money is.

yeah the emerging chinese middle class is the new cash cow

the spending power of the american hat consumer is no match

An amazing game if you care to watch. Newbie (Forward Gaming) loses all racks and both T4 towers and comes back.

The comeback is at around 1:30