Testosterone supplements

I think imma try testosterone supplement. I keep seeing how modern men are super low T due to environment. Especially NA ones that have been here for generations. Lets see what happens.

Don’t, I know 3 guys who got on this shit because some testosterone clinic told them they had “low t” they all ended up getting off of it but it was even worse since it replaces your bodies ability to produce testosterone naturally. Nothing is actually wrong with your ability to produce testosterone they just tell you that your body isn’t good enough to sell you on this clinic bullshit and turn u into some zombie

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Take and do things that boost test production if it's so vital

eat a rare steak

If you want to increase your Test: Start eating with your hands only. Throw away all your utensils.
It encourages and signals your brain to start producing more natural enzymes and hormones. You also lose weight and gain more muscle mass.



been eating a lot of steak lately

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shoutout to steak

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Do you lift 3x a week? Do you hit your daily protein macro goal? Do you try to minimize sugar intake?

Do those before getting on T

This, and also only wipe using leaves or not at all.

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I lift every day almost. Protein always hit and miss

Hit your protein macros for a few months then retest
Legit T supplementation can have weird side effects

Yeah makes sense they would.

Thanks guys appreciate it.

wouldn't reccomend lots of weird stuff can happen. your hair will almost certainly fall out

9 hours and 77 practice problems later..

Raise T by ■■■ cing with beautiful women

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dancing elevates estrogen levels

estrogen is important for male reproductive health especially in developmental years!

Don't read what this guy is saying. It's pseudoscience

You need to focus on healthy living, eat real foods, lots of physical activity, and surround with beautiful women. Then your dick will work again