Tfw u get cucked

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This is an objectively funny thread

i got something objectively funny for u right here

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this is the end game of fetishes for watching pornography.
The end game has always been homosexuality and cuckoldry. Stay off the mind poison.

You don't think that watching black bulls such as yourself devour a cute young white woman isnt hot?

No i find beating up walls myself more appeasing. I dont watch that content. I am out here slaying cheeks when i want because i dont watch the poison or jerk off so i can actually be present in the moment when im sliding in and out.

Imagine dude a cute little brunette girl and her boyfriend cucked in a corner while she throats your big old dick with mascara running down her face dude

I would shove it down her throat but i would do it in private, nothing about someone watching me sounds exciting.

jesus is always watching

i know i just pray for forgiveness while im digging out someones future wife.

you can still join a monastic order some still swear vows of chastity

i think about it often

sadly you like playing with your peepee more than preserving knowledge and living a pure life

I dont play with my own, shorties just cant keep they hands and bodies off me.

that's playing with your peepee you goober

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@REFPSI where have u been my friend?

i been around just been out drinking nad having a lot of fun.

God I wish refpsi would bind my arms behind my back while he fucks my gf

theodore you trashed my attempt to save refspi's soul now he's lost forever