Thank you - Fuck you

Thank you dad for giving me money

Fuck you özge for not having sex with me

Your turn

Ozge? That sounds like an Ogre name.

She weighed 39 kilograms :’(

Tfw u understand how ldl felt when she wrote blue jeans

Pretty much this

Can we IP check? Is this a Moscow Bot?

It’s either some kind of weird role playing person pretending to be Turkish or they’re actually Turkish…

Sounds unacceptable either way.

Turkish? On a North American Dota messaging board?

Does it matter when every post they make is unreadable

It does when they’re Egyptians however

Thank you özge for giving me money

Fuçk you dad for not having sex with me

our feelings are mutual faggot helicopter

thank you rose for pussy

fuck you benny for 20% ironic autism