The 48 Laws of Power and Amer - Analysing NaMafia's Most Recent Popularity Shift and the Mechanics Behind Such

Unless you’ve been living under a rock of sorts there’s probably a big problem that has infested your mind recently: Amer. Despite not spamming endlessly - Amer has garnered the attention of the entire forum - even more than jdance did during Dan’s push to bring in spammers to give off the impression of an active site. While I am betraying the psuedo-49th law of power with this thread (never mention the laws of power): I feel like there’s definitely some site-wide interest in what caused this shift of attention from the failed comedic bloggers (yns, Wintermute) to this particular case-study and new topic of interest on the forum.

Law 6: Court attention at all cost

The flaming ember that started the entire mess. Amer: lowly, unspoken about, unknown, base. How did it happen? From this person? Yes - Amer did employ this tactic to start momentum behind being a forum figurehead. The title of this law may be deceiving: I am more fixated on the sub-heading of this law: ways to court attention. And the way Amer chose?

Upon seeing this: I had a hunch that Amer was smarter than he seems (more on this in the next law) and decided to play along. Sure enough; I fell into his hands (albeit on my own accord) and he boosted more and more popularity based on playing heel to more intellectually developed users of the forum. One of the big caveats of this law however; is to not base your reputation solely on personifying a crux to better figures: and Amer did not fall into this pit-fall as he quickly changes strategy to capitalize on new-found interest.


Is another strategy behind courting attention: which Amer employed to great effect. Numerous posts that were blatantly and laughably made under the influence: anecdotes about running into glass doors and having to go to hospital (I doubt that happened but a clever ploy I can agree) - Amer has turned himself into the butt of the joke - increasing the scope of his name in the wake of his premeditated attack on me and Nmagane and Jones.

Law 21: Play a sucker to catch a sucker- seem dumber than your mark

Were we to believe Amer capable of any intellectual thought: we may of been more observant of his admittedly obvious power mechanics - however, his constant posts about being drugged up and strung out (which I now doubt in hindsight - likely to come off as unintelligent and a moron) - people in the upper SD of intelligence know that it is not wise to devote brain power to topics undeserving of interest. Nobody chose to look into Amer’s unexpected rise to power (from a popularity perspective that is): choosing to believe he was the butt of the joke - and not one to pull the strings.

Law 17 : Keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictability
I shouldn’t have to explain this one. It’s near impossible to predict Amer’s future posting as he seems to erratically change tones and topic without care or concern.

I advise most users to read the entirety of the laws of power and then observe how Amer acts going forward. I understand it may appear I am giving away some of my own rule-book here but I have my own laws and morals that I follow as I have never appreciated basing my actions based on pop-literature.

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And in the replies: an example of a failed attempt to court attention.


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