the alightsoul situation(the forming)

i am forming a piece on alightsoul please private message me stories regarding alightsoul

they can be positive or negative.

I think he’s good

Alightsoul is actually Osama bin Laden (documented in the Minecraft thread)

only information within private messages will be taken seriously.

This user is not currently accepting private messages

wtf my dms are open

are u sure youree doing it right

You must have turned them back on, trollingly.

can you just give the information.

Not going to bother after you trolled me


i h avent trolled you. you cant even turn dms off stupid

Expose alightsoul

Try and dox him if u can

As an admin I don’t believe you should treat this sort of stuffs so flippantly

You’re not an admin.

i am a journalist from so shut up idiot

I dont think anyone will find out anything anyways

Just in case though id like ti let everyone know that they can privately report information on the whereabouts/background of Atighthole via PM with me.

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No you cannot. It’s illegal

You forgetting what country this forum is based in?

Regarding kylie’s “journalism” - he has lied in every “story” he has told about me in the last 6 months. He is bored and considers this a funny joke. Just be warned if you consider sending him anything you would like to be taken seriously.

In fact, in response to this investigation I will be making an equal and opposite investigation, as follows:

  1. You can pm ME with stories about alightsoul
  2. Rules: The stories must be positive and about how much you love alightsoul
  3. Funny anecdotes, personal mementos, reminiscences of the good old times
  4. The stories will not be shared with anyone at all. I will read them in private and treasure them deeply.