The Anon Ball -- Day 1

Beware old fat men called tony in professions where young men die, that's what I always say. Kapeesh?

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You're a legitimate ■■■■■■ lol

Are you a terrorist too? I hear they're bigoted like you

Bon vinutu miei amici

I will not post anymore in foreign languages. Too hard and insecere

Mama mia he has a fucking gun

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@mafiabot lynch AnonPiccolo

Clown face emoji youse a bozo

I wish my dick was snaller

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My man scumtelling in second post , will be tunneling for the rest of the game

Nyte forgot to change her avatar

What do we even do this day 1 no info

Sheep me ■■■■■■ I already found scum


Hello matticus

I feel like this is a fake tell. I will dogpile u 4ever :dog: devilp

This Gotti guy sounds like a fuckin fugazi

Uh hi there pardners am I in character

fat mobster

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I trust no one