The Apes of Un'Goro

Nmagane : Wiping on Goblins in BWL in a guild where the hot topic of raid discussion rotates between vape flavors, the corona virus, and ebonics references being typed into weakaura scripts

Monkeynews : Doing 3:19 at the video above on Northdale

They're both Black but the latter is pretty much the superior gamer by all measures.

ecelebs on r/dota2: ewww LOL
ecelebs on r/classicwow: omg!!!!!

Ecelebs on teamspeak : Instantly disconnect from the server after realizing one of the users have an avatar image of a dota 2 eceleb raping your ex girlfriend

This thread: the Apes of NaMafia

I have transcended from nazi to chimp.