The case of weebery. 'Jdance'

There have been serious accusations made against 'Jdance' regarding him being a weeb. If you have any evidence which would provide credence to this accusation then please speak up.

This is a serious accusation, and thus a serious thread. Please keep this on topic.

shut the fuck up kyle


this is a serious thread. pleases keep this on topic. this is a trial.

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the court has asked you to comply and sit down unless you have evidence


Jdance is not a weeb

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He's on this forum regularly is my evidence.

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this is valid. thank you.

can anyone please further this trial?

Yeah send it and get him locked up

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please guys this is serious

THis is a politically motivated assault on jdance's character. Lest we forget his epic fingernail clippings keyboard post or homemade motivational posters decrying a dependence on egg nog.

It's abundantly clear that Jdance is a savant, an auteur, an unparalleled existence on this tiny mote called Earth in the cloud of dust of the heaven-world. To quash such a source of warmth and memery with these leftist accusations would be a disservice to the forums and yet another miscarriage of justice perpetrated by the moderators of this forum.


Shut up idiot

How poetic of you

The j in jdance stands for japanese anime


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this is big.

I respect you and I appreciate your presence on the forums

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