The Circus : performed by YNS and Alightsoul

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Yns: image

Want to know how I got these scars? Well ---- I’m something ---- licks lips of a psychopath. I used to do heroin. Mmm titters into manical laughter Living on the edge isn’t particularly new to me and — the thing about Jones is — well I just happen to have rung Jones’s Dad impersonating an old childhood friend Cackles into a fit of laughter

I rung Jones Dad!


Look Look! Im playing both sides! Im saying something then suddenly going against it!

The audience (Ian, iiaffr, DotaKyle):

Alightsoul: Im somewhat of a troll… and the thing about trolls is…

Epok watching the carnage on his carnival:


Mm – well if I was to have SEX — with this girl ---- and “forget” to put my condom on well then I - Ah ! Ah Ha! Ahahahahahahaha! What did you expect? Im a psychopath!

The audience (Ian, iiaffr, DotaKyle):

Loki (respected member of community going through hard time):

I’m going to do it! I’m going to harm myself! Nobody has intervened: nobody is here to help me when theres carnage all over the site!

Epoch(plays g.) watchingg in director chair:

Yns: image

The Thing about Poker is … its a game of Deception! Lucky for me – I’ve always been good at smirks deception ---- just ask hmmm – - Jones’s Dad! Ahahahaha!

Alightsoul: Yns don’t troll - nmagane don’t troll - stop trolling - stop trolling - you-

The audience (Ian, iiaffr, DotaKyle):



You’re absolutely right.


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I miss the airhogs meme posts


This joke, has been taken too far

Don’t you know yns is psychotic and asoul is already suicidal. This might push them into an episode

This is a post for sure