The concept of free will. [Multiple choice social experiment]

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Do you believe free will exists? physically - socially - or not at all? I wanted to conduct this experiment on a large scale so I would like to have everyone vote in this poll if they are reading this.

Hope I got free will

Don’t worry about it.

I don’t want this to seem like I’m using this forum as lab rats haha but I am just very curious.

What is your opinion on the Poll?

Polls on mobile confuse me. I voted and the results are like 4.33

It shows the average between all voters. I’m not sure why it doesn’t just show who voted what but it’s alright

I dun want to say what I picked to give e.people the illusion of choice.

But giving people illlusion of choice is something I do as DM constantly.

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Dont post off topic content in my thread.

forgive me senpai

No problem

If I decide not to vote does that mean I am a free thinker?

Not particularly as that might be an attempt to reverse - Psychology the system.

When someone tells you to do something - it’s actually more predictable that you don’t do it.

I did not vote

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consciousness is a unique emergent property embedded within its own unique physical field, the “agency field,” where each consciousness gets to select certain specific choices within their given personality frameworks and individual constraints while experiencing their current iterations of the simulation. all the apparent “meaning” of physical reality seems to be understood only through the medium of consciousness, and conversely, consciousness can be said to be the only medium by which attempts at manipulating meaning, as well as physical reality in general, can be made, in the form of “choices.”

all possible choices exist in a branching manifold, but the agency field allows each consciousness some degrees of freedom in choosing which of the branching possibilities at certain moments are experienced in this iteration of the simulation.

the amount of choices possible in each iteration is clearly limited and finite. the amount of meaningful choices one can make per day may top out in the single digits in many cases, or for some particularly predictable people, may not exist at all (NPCs). nonetheless, many iterations of life can be experienced with a number of different biases and habits, even from one embryo.

unfortunately, memories from only one consciousness with its given set of choices can be retained at one time, so there seems to be no capacity for meaningful comparisons with hypothetical counterfactual choices, though sometimes attempts of simulation thereof can spur on certain developments, assuming such attempts comprise actual choices in some instances.

Ever since I watched a play through of Detroit become human I see the choice screen from the game pop up on my view when I have to make a choice.

npc here btw