The Current State of NADOTA and Why a Reformation is Needed

Unfortunately, I was unmodded by Dan days ago; hopefully your issue is resolved post haste

I was over moderating. Sorry everyone.

Let me moderate I guarantee you I am the best person for the job unironically

Ban everybody who wants to be a moderator

I would be a moderator to prevent bad moderators from being moderated personally

Because I would be a good moderator, so we wouldn't need any more moderators to moderate the forum

What are we doing as far as advertising for the site currently? I think we need to talk budget and funding

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I dont trust jdance

He wants to log into my private messages to see the pictures of my dick i've been sending faz

I think we should move our funds into my offshore account - for economy reasons

My first move as a moderator would be to create NaMafia LLC - don't ask why

I'm going to sell the websites data to a mental health facility for research, and then I'll use that funding to improve the site

Im going to go to africa and grab nmagane and sell him to a mental health facility

Like the sneaky fucker that nabbed Curious George

We are going to get you guys the help you need

-the moderation team

Nyte why are you like that?

My finger is pointing at NMAGANEs emote NOT nytes

Looks like it's pointing at nyte's from here