The Cycle: Frontier

Anyone got into this game yet?

It is like more casual Tarkov. I haven't had so much fun playing a game since I got into PUBG.

Very beautiful game, pretty polished.

i CANNOT believe they changed the recoil patterns in rust.

This is a thread

way to bluepill and ruin your game , gayspunch.

It barley ran on my computer

Good game tho, great design it just needs some UX/UI polish

See how it runs if you update the settings to lower quality. originally I was at 60-70 frames, then lowered quality per this video and getting 120-130 frames now. My computer is pretty outdated 8700K processor and 1070TI

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i've been checking out a lot of games on next fest ill put this on the list

1 month later, i am still mad addicted. the adrenaline rush is insane. I even stopped trading crypto for the time being.

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Is the cheating as bad as steam reviews say

Just play tarkov shit for brains

Tarkov seems too hard core for me

Git gud

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I recommend "V Rising".

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