'the dan issue"

yea we're gonna have to overthrow him again



fuck your minecraft server


dan is attempting to keep the minecraft server from happening. ive just received a full report from one of my little birds

Ok Iā€™m ready

@SOPHIE owes me commission for bringing @agubar to the site.

Is he your referral? Dang he is a good one. How about I pay for lunch when im in the area

he learned of the website from that time I tricked reddit

dan needs to start paying me

Who have you referred

everyone here.

i've also created many threads with many pages surely thast worth hundreds or even thousands

dan isn't paying you?


even i'm on the payroll. get that sorted imho

Kyle did not refer me but I would not still be here if it weren't for him

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The (((Dan))) Issue

dan is making millions from this website and i provide the most exclusive content. i want my money dan.

I also don't feel i've been fairly compensated

Dotakyle and I are accepting payments in minecraft papyrus and sexual favors - reach out to him for the address

this is not true. youre all men and i am not a homosexual.

i want cold hard CASH

fucking homophobe.