The final days of NAdota

This forum is terminally ill these are the final days, it’s been a blast, see you guys again soon.


Is there a discord you guys went to? I'd post in it for like four days before losing interest.

what happened anyway

couldnt survive a goy club break up? bummer.

we had a good run

The final days of nadota were years ago

On this site people were slowly filtering out due to not wanting to be subjected to nmagane, benny, whoever else was being annoying as fuck at the time

However the straw that broke the camel's back was the large thread we had recently

The way some active posters reacted to that and the way it was handled by mods left a sour taste in a lot of people's mouths

Essentially people aren't that interested in a toxic cesspool any more and in that sense nadota has been dead for a while

If you try to make your site into a toxic cesspool normal people will leave

And when the normal people leave you end up with a tiny userbase of not normal people that aggressively push the remaining normal people away

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I think the site will be great again once yns peaces out

we need to only retain positive vibes

nah this site has problems. and the new dota players are completely souless cosmetic buying retards who have no interest in old school forum style wokeness.

Forums are a dying breed

yung lads don't utilize these kinds of platforms for peer to peer interaction

Same with irc etc.



irc will make a comeback... you just watch

most disheartening

faz got everyone jobs at J&J so now the neets aren't posting anymore

Bro. Capitalise on what you know about dota. Stop being so damn sour. I have nerve damage from being too good at sc2 and wc3. I said fuck it im gonna make a dollar from this shit.

You should do the same. Like dota porno or what ever

Im in. Gonna come back, thank you roles valve, new video coming soon. community needs me

more like you need dota