The Garden


:ox: :water_buffalo: :water_buffalo::leaves::leopard::leopard::cow2:


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Was meant to be a garden using the emojis on the web site.

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Lot of bugs in your garden

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There are usually more bugs than people think in their garden but they’re covered by all of the muck. I was compsensating and also exaggerating as I only conveyed the sky line with two layers of cloud emojis so it wouldn’t make much sense to have the soil part only one layer.

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Probably fair. I have a mulch area in my front yard that I just spray down and don’t plant anything in. Basically a res mulch pit.


Theres probably a lot of bugs in there to be considered if you’re thinking of planting anything. Bugs can sometimes add nutrients to the soil but this comes at a detriment as those same bugs may be eating your sprouts

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I don’t really want anything. Maybe a rock garden.

You don’t need mulch for a rock garden they’re usually made on alpines

I’m aware. I just have it now but would like a rock garden in the future. I’m just lazy.

I was thinking of making this post a rock garden as I have a rock garden myself But I wasn’t positive people would get it was a rock garden and not just spam. Some other forums I am a part of have better nature emoji’s if you’re interested

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I think it looks better as a nonrock garden. I’m a fan of fauna - - not sure there would be as much.

good thread

Both my vegetable gardens have lots of little critter friends in them. Thankfully not many have a taste for people foods :slightly_smiling_face:

shrimp in ur garden!

Lmao if u don’t have a few raised beds w/ blooming shrimp plants atm